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Vampire Haiku

To celebrate Mediabistro’s upcoming Media App Summit, we are hosting The World’s Longest Literary Vampire Remix writing contest.

With the help from writers around the country, we are rewriting Varney the Vampire–a bestselling vampire novel from the 19th Century filled with enough star-crossed romance, vampire action and purple prose to inspire another Twilight trilogy.

Below, GalleyCat reader Paula Grunseit rewrote her page as a series of haiku. 

Varney the Vampire Haiku by Paula Grunseit

“Down with the vampyre!”
shouted the mob in raw fear.
He towers - gleaming.

He glowers and smiles -
offering them assistance,
his long teeth shiny.

Then the vampyre is vanish-ed.
Gone but extant?!
Where is he hiding?

“C’est impossible!”
He can’t be invisible.
Can he? Surely not!

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